Battery / Welding Cable


      Battery Welding Cable Starter Wire 110Amp 170Amp 16mm² 25mm² PVC Red Black Flexible

      Single core PVC battery & welding cables - highly flexible whilst remaining durable. Copper conductor with P.V.C insulation, (resistant to oils, petrol, diesel, lubes and a range of diluted acids). Easy to strip for speedy stress free installation.

      Comes in 2 colours - red & black.

      Battery cable available;

      10mm Red/Black(80/0.41 Strands) - 70Amps

      16mm Red/Black(206/0.3 Strands) - 110Amps

      20mm Red/Black(266/0.3 Strands) - 135Amps

      25mm Red/Black(322/0.3 Strands) - 170Amps

      35mm Red/Black(451/0.3 Strands) - 240Amps

      50mm Red/Black(640/0.3 Strands) - 345Amps

      60mm Red/Black(805/0.3 Strands) - 415Amps

      70mm Red/Black(905/0.3 Strands) - 485Amps

      95mm Red/Black(684/0.4 Strands) - 500Amps