Multi Core 12V 24V Cable | 3 4 5 7 13 Core Auto Wire


      From 3 to 13 Cores Round Red/Black 12V 24V Wire - from 5 to 100metres
      Thin Wall low voltage multicore wiring cables suitable for use in the automotive, marine and allied industries. Resistant to petrol, diesel, lubricating oils and diluted acids. This is proper automotive extension cable. 
      Reduced "Thin" Insulation extra low voltage wiring cable for Automotive and Marine applications. Reduced insulation gives considerable space savings and increased current ratings.
      Suitable for use at temperatures up to 105°C.

      Cross Section: 3-13 Cores 
      Insulation Properties:
      Calcium Zinc based insulation compound to ISO6722-2011 Class B
      Thermal Stability 200 mins @ 200°C
      Sheath Properties
      Easy tear PVC sheathing to BS7655 Type 6

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