Solar Cable

      Our cable range of TUV-Rheinland approved solar cable is used extensively in photovoltaic systems for connection to solar modules and inverters. Our cable range has been specifically designed for use in all photovoltaic systems, and includes 4.00mm2, 6.00mm2, 10.00mm2 conductor options. All of our cables are sheathed in LSNH and all are UV-stable.

      Solar Cable
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      Solar cables are suitable for use in all photovoltaic systems for cabling of solar modules and also for connection to the AC/DC inverter.

      Our cables are made from flexible tinned copper with a halogen-free copolymer insulation and a UV stable halogen-free copolymer sheath. Those solar cables are TUV-Rheinland approved.

      Mechanical Characteristics
      Inner Conductor: Flexible Tinned Copper Wire
      Dielectric: LSZH Halogen Free Copolymer
      LSZH Halogen Free Copolymer
      (UV Resistant)
      Colour: Black or Red
      Insulation Diameter: See Below
      Storage/Operating Temperature: -40°C to +90°C*
      Minimum Installation Temperature: -5°C

      Electrical Characteristics
      D.C Resistance Conductor 2.50mm2 ≤ 7.98 Ω/km
      4.00mm2 ≤ 4.95 Ω/km
      6.00mm2 ≤ 3.30 Ω/km
      10.00mm2 ≤ 1.91 Ω/km
      Working Voltage: 0.6/1.0kV AC (0.8/1.5kV DC)
      Max Voltage: 1.2kV AC (1.8kV DC)